Weekly News April 26 2018

Year book photo submissions

The Student Council is creating a yearbook and would like photos as soon as possible.  Please send pictures (add your child’s name) to studentcouncilhomelinks@gmail.com.

Fundraiser for new TAPS senior bus

The Homelinks Student Council plans to help fundraise for a new TAPS senior bus.  They will be setting up a concession stand Blossom Festival weekend at the PowWow at Yaqan Nukiy.  They need 6 volunteers on Saturday, May 19 and on Sunday, May 20 for two hour time slots.  Email studentcouncilhomelinks@gmail.com if you can help out.  Time slots are 11-1, 1-3, and 5-7 pm.  They are also looking to borrow large coolers.  Thanks for your support!  And hats off to the Student Council for taking on this worthy project!

The following items are specific to the elementary grades:

Track and Field – grades 4 – 7

Please let us know by Friday noon if your child is interested in participating in the Thursday, May 31   Creston wide Track Meet.  This will start @ 9:00 and end @ 2:00.  Students are placed with district wide students of the same age and chaperone and go from event to event and hopefully try each one out (and maybe even break a record).  Events include ball throw, long jump, high jump, 100 m dash, etc).  It’s a fun day.  We’ll be setting up practice times in advance of this track meet.

Grade 7 Palooza

 This day is a social event for Creston grade 7’s.  Activities mainly cover cooperative games.  A date will soon be set.  Let us know if you are interested.

Fort Steele

We have decided to make this a one day event as so many weren’t able to stay overnight.  We will leave on Friday, May 11th at 7:45 am and return @ 4 pm (this is in place of Friday elementary classes).  Please dress in old-fashioned clothing if possible (longer dresses or skirts, jeans with suspenders J) and pack an old-fashioned lunch (sandwich, fruit, …no packaging).  We will provide a treat for the ride home.  The day will include the following programs:  School House, Tinsmith, Leather Work, and Gold Panning.  There is no charge to you but note the candy story might be open.  There will be three teachers going.  This is for Homelinks elementary students K – 7.

Family Account

Please remember April 30th is the last day to spend or speak for your Family Account $.  Please have invoices for lessons in by May 31st.

Friday, May 25th

This is our last Friday class day (we’re here until the end of June) and we will be planning a special morning that includes a performance of our elementary students playing their ukuleles.  J




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