Letter from the Superintendent: Spring Break 2021

Dear students, staff, parents and Guardians,

One year ago, today, all Principals met with their staff and asked them to go home with their technology, and anything else they might need to carry on teaching online, as we believed that things might change over Spring break.   Sure enough, a few days later, British Columbia announced a state of emergency.  The world quickly realized we were in the grips of something in a scale we had not seen for over a century.  We so grieve the many lives that have been lost and those still being impacted directly by the COVID-19 virus.  We issue a reminder to all to keep following Dr. Bonnie Henry’s protocols so we can all continue to be safe.

One year later, as most of us leave for Spring break, we do so, this time, with hope.   Hope that there are three vaccines, now available, to help rid us of this global pandemic.  Hope that Spring officially arrives in the next week. Hope that we will see family and friends we have not seen for a while.  And hope, that by fall, the weight of the stress we have all been carrying is lifted.

To our students, we are so incredibly proud of you.   You have continued to bring laughter, to learn, and to triumph over all adversity.  This has been showcased on Zoom, on your school websites, and widely reported out by your Principals, Vice-Principals, parents, your Student Trustees, and the Board of Education.  You are why we are here.  We love you and look forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks.

Whether you can take one day or the entire two weeks for vacation, all of us at SD 8 – Kootenay Lake wish each, and every one of you, a restful and relaxing break. Be calm. Be kind. Stay safe. … and don’t forget to wash your hands :) (DBH)


All the best,

Dr. Christine Perkins | Superintendent & Chief Executive Officer (she/her/hers) 
School District 8 Kootenay Lake 
811 Stanley Street, Nelson, B.C.   V1L 1N8 
Office:  250-505-7037 
Cell:  250-505-9625 
Email:  christine.perkins@sd8.bc.ca 
Web:  www.sd8.bc.ca