Core Competencies


These six core competencies are at the centre of the curriculum redesign, and self-assessment of these competencies is part of engaging in learning. All learners will choose 1-3 of the I can … competency statements below to focus on each year.

I can share ideas, information, and experiences.
I can take on responsibilities in a group.
I can represent my learning.

Critical Thinking
I can ask questions.
I can reflect on my thinking and actions.
I can experiment with different ways of doing things.

Creative Thinking
I can generate new ideas.
I can create new things.
I can seek out challenges and solve problems.

Positive Personal & Cultural Identity
I can describe my family and community.
I can understand how my values shape my choices.
I can identify my strengths and skills.

Personal Awareness and Responsibility
I can imagine changes in myself and in the world.
I can use strategies that help me manage my feelings and emotions.
I can sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Social Responsibility
I can identify how my actions affect others.
I can identify problems and compare problem-solving strategies.
I can support others when they need it.

They will answer the following questions as part of creating their Student Learning Plan.

How are you already using this I can … competency in your life?
I notice that I am already …

How would you like to grow or improve this competency this year?
I’d like to get better at …

Core Competencies Self Assessment


Guiding Questions for Winter Reflection Time
What are you noticing now? Is anything changing for you in this area?
Is anything challenging you in this area? Do you have any new goals in this area?


In the spring, learners will revisit the Competencies Self-Assessment completed in the fall to identify their growth over the year.