Sarah Keenan

Sarah Keenan

Kaslo Homelinks - K to 9

What I’m passionate about 

Some of my passions include reading, writing, being in the forest, yoga, making art, and gardening. I’m in love with stories/mythology, and find joy in creating rituals of celebration. Allowing learning to unfold naturally fits with my experience — my deepest insights have come when I’ve been free to explore my own curiosities.

Witnessing my children’s learning, and the learning of the children I'm blessed to work with, simply amazes me! I believe in fostering foundational skills in literacy and numeracy, while encouraging an approach that guides children in discovering their interests and learning preferences. I believe observing for learning is about asking ourselves where we see our children's emergent energy, and training our eyes to see all the growth that occurs within those activities.

My philosophy on learning

In 2013, I began studying with the Neufeld Institute, and it shifted my views of teaching and learning. The developmental approach and attachment practices resonate with my instincts as a parent. As a teacher, I’m committed to personalized learning that celebrates the diverse paths we embark on when we are free to explore and discover life. I’m inspired to guide learners on their unique path, and to consult with parents in order to help them support their learners. 

My educational and professional background

I received my B.A. / B.Ed. from the University of Winnipeg, then went to Japan with the intention of a work abroad year. One year turned into five, during which I lived in a tiny fishing village in the East China Sea, and later in a larger Japanese city. I ventured to Budapest for a year and spent a summer teaching near Oxford, England.

In my time abroad, I taught English to children, university students, and adults, and indulged a need to travel by visiting several other countries. I also received a post-graduate certificate from Cambridge University in English as a Second Language.

Upon returning to Canada, I began working for Katimavik, a youth volunteer program that saw me living with groups of a dozen teenagers, each from a different province. I managed the dynamics and logistics of group living, and supported individuals as they engaged in action plans for personal and career growth. A highlight of this time was attending the Association for Experiential Education conference, which introduced me to Self Design and the concept of Distributed Learning programs.

When I became a mother, I shifted into working with Homelinks families in Kaslo, as well as other families across British Columbia that I connect with through my online work within the Self Design Learning Community.


Monday, August 23, 2021
Cast your Vote

Please follow the link in the Class at the bottom of this page to vote on where we'll send our group donation from the Kids' (Str)Hike for Climate.

Saturday, August 14, 2021
Learning Plan Meetings

Check your email to arrange a meeting for September to finalize your learning plan(s) and pick up your curriculum/resources.

Monday, May 31, 2021
Term 3 Meetings Begin

These meetings include:

  • returning all borrowed resources
  • submitting portfolio samples of learning
  • drafting a learning plan for next year
Saturday, May 22, 2021
This Week's Activities

Flora Fauna Farm Visits on Tuesday/Friday

Theatre in the Park on Wednesday

Monday, May 17, 2021
This Week's Activities

Small group wood & soapstone carving with Nathan - Monday/Tuesday

Spirit Cubs @ South Beach w/ Kendrick on Wednesday

Wolf Park @ Earthborn Textiles Farm on Wednesday