Home Learning with Support

What Is Unique About Our Program?

What exactly is Homelinks?

Homelinks is a BC accredited Online Learning (OL) program of choice for students in K-12. Together with their parent/guardian and a BC-certified teacher, students co-create an individualized Student Learning Plan (SLP). The Student Learning Plan is consider a 'living document' that helps to guide and anchor the student’s learning according to the BC Ministry of Education Curriculum. Students do the majority of their work at home, but enjoy the support of qualified teachers to help them plan their journey along and throughout their time in Homelinks. 

What can I expect from the Homelinks Program?

With the support of our BC-certified teachers, our program can provide:

  • A collaboratively planned student learning plan (SLP) connected to the BC Curriculum that is
  • Access to numerous paper-based and digital learning resources.
  • Access to a Student Learning Fund to support student learning.
  • Flexibility of the program for travel, learning passions, and more.
  • Ongoing communication and support with BC certified teacher.
  • Incorporation of learning into an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Personalized for each child and their specific learning needs.
  • Weekly in-person group activities.

For a very broad overview of the main components of Homelinks home learning program, please download our Elementary (K-7) Program brochure or our Secondary (8-12) Program brochure.

Where does Homelinks provide its programming?

A Homelinks programming campus is available in Nelson, Creston, and Kaslo and is staffed with its own dedicated BC-certified liaison teacher. Each campus provides its own slightly unique style and approach towards how it supports each of its unique family communities and learners. We strongly encourage prospective families to connect with the liaison teacher in their residential area to get a taste of the unique flavour of the program or contact us to inquire about Homelinks programming in your area.