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Our Nelson Homelinks is a blended-learning program of choice for K-9 student. Together with their parent/guardian and a BC-certified teacher, learners co-create an individualized Student Learning Plan. The Student Learning Plan is consider a 'living document' that, according to the BC Ministry of Education Curriculum, helps to guide and anchor the student’s learning progress throughout the academic year. 

As a family of the Homelinks community, parents have the support of a liaison teacher to plan and organize their child's course of study in a self-directed home-based learning program. The liaison teacher will report formally on individual student progress three times year based on the Big Ideas, Curricular Competencies, and Curricular Content of the BC Curriculum for each subject: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Career Education, Physical Education, Arts Education, and Applied Design Skills and Technologies (French/Language for Grade 5 and up).

In the Homelinks program, the parents are their child's teacher. The liaison teacher is readily available to assist and support parents/guardians with providing recommended teaching resources and strategies. Often the liaison teacher will provide regular opportunities to support students one-on-one as needed throughout the year. Homelinks is a community-based program where group activities are scheduled twice week and home-learners are welcome to come into our facility to learn, play, and socialize.

Our Location

We have a welcoming, student-friendly learning space/classroom located on the main floor of South Nelson Elementary  at 814 Latimer Street. The learning environment is readily accessible off of Hendryx Street (at the top of the delivery ramp). Often weekly activities operate out of this space including tutorials and workshops. There is also a onsite resource library for parents to access additional materials and is supported by the liaison teacher.

Our Teacher 

Bianca Duffy is the liaison teacher at our Nelson Homelinks campus, and brings numerous teaching experiences to the program including her Montessori training, multi-grade classroom expertise, fine art and drama teaching experience, and immense love of the outdoors. Feel free to reach out to Bianca if you have any questions about the program or for a consultation regarding the progress of your learner. She can be reached directly at 250.505.7030.

Group Activities

Optional groups activities are organized weekly, sometimes on campus, and others out in the community. The activities vary and are based on the needs and priorities of the learning community. Some activities come with a minor cost, which may not be covered by the program. These non-funded activities include skiing and first aid training. However, families can access their Student Learning Funds in order for their children to participate. Liaison teachers are responsible for the planning and organizing of group activities. Both parent input and support are always welcome!

Further Program Information

Please feel free to download a copy of our Elementary Program information brochure.

NOTE: For specific Nelson campus inquires, please connect with Bianca directly.