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What is a Student Learning Fund?

A Student Learning Fund is an allocated amount of funds set aside for each online student made available to support student learning. Fulltime K-9 students that are enrolled by September 30 of the calendar year will be offered access to $600 (for the school year). Students K-9 who enroll after September 30 of the calendar year will be offered access to $300.

Grade 10-12 online learners will be eligible for up to $100 per activated course (up to a maximum of $400). NOTE: Expenditures must be linked to course outcomes and activities. See your SD8 online teacher advisor for details.

What is the Student Learning Fund approval process?

British Columbia's Ministry of Education regulations do not permit the School District to reimburse parents directly, therefore, all public schools (including Homelinks) are required make all Student Learning Fund-related purchases on behalf of each family/learner.

If the purchase (or service) requested meets a requirement of the individual Student Learning Plan and it is not a capital cost (i.e., a desk, laptop or musical instrument) the school administrator will consider approving the purchase.

Once approved, the school district will pay the vendor (or service provider) directly. Parents will be notified when the resources are ready to be picked up from the appropriate Homelinks campus.

NOTE: Parents/guardians are responsible for submitting the appropriate forms as well as an invoice for the materials or activity that being requested in order to have it covered by a student learning fund.

How do I access my child's Student Learning Fund?

To access a Student Learning Fund, we require that a parent/guardian set up an appointment with their appropriate Homelinks liaison teacher to review that the requested activities and/or resources to ensure that they support the individual Student Learning Plan.

Your teacher will help you to complete the required forms:

  1. Supplies Order Form
  2. Pre-Authorization for Curricular Support Form (fillable PDF)

What can Student Learning Funds be used for? 

The SLF may be used for (but not limited to): 

  • Consumable resources such as workbooks, science kits, and individualized curriculum. 

  • Art supplies (i.e., paint, brushes, chalk, makers, knitting, etc.). 

  • Lessons in specific skill development subject areas (e.g., swimming, music, etc.). 

  • Blended learning activities that require a tuition fee. 

  • Scholastic book orders that meet part of the Student Learning Plan. 

  • Online or digital subscriptions. 

  • Passes or memberships. 

  • Rentals of musical instruments. 

  • Student entrance fees for field trips. 

  • Professional assessments by qualified personnel. * 

* Only if a required component on an SLP or an Individualized Student Learning Plan (IEP). 

The SLF may not be used for: 

  • General school supplies (i.e., pencils, rulers, notebooks, paper, etc.). 

  • Items widely considered toys (i.e., Lego, video games, board games, etc.). 

  • Scholastic orders for items that are widely considered toys, gifts and/or collectibles. 

  • Sports equipment and uniforms. 

  • Classroom or home furniture. 

  • Musical instrument purchases. 

  • Electronic devices. 

  • Family passes that include the admission of a parent and/or guardian. 

  • Costs for transportation and/or food. 

  • Tutoring (NOTE: An exception would be if the tutoring is required as part of a student IEP or if the teacher determines that the student requires additional specific support for learning. Authorization must be given by Elev8 DESK administration.).

  • Out of province field trips or services (NOTE: The exception would include any school-sponsored trip and/or activity). 

  • Cost of informal educational assessments not completed by a certified professional. 

  • Shipping, duty, and/or brokerage fees. 

IMPORTANT: In general, Student Learning Funds are intended to be used for instructional purposes of the learner only. 

Information for Third-Party Providers 

Third-Party providers (aka Community Connections) may be utilized by families in order to support student learning. In order for Homelinks to submit invoices for payment for services in a prompt manner, all invoices must include these important details:

  • Personal name and/or business. 

  • Complete mailing address. 

  • Phone number. 

  • Business Number or SIN.

  • Banking EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) information (or a voided cheque if the vendor prefers payment in the form of a cheque). 

Information of the Services Provided : 

  • Clearly written details about the service provided. 

  • Duration, date, and/or period of the service provided. 

  • Name of the student receiving the service provided. 

NOTE: Third-party service provider must also, if not already done so, complete and submit a Vendor Application Form before payment can be remitted. 

It is also recommended that third-party service providers keep copies of all invoices should a duplicate be required. Elev8 Homelinks clerical staff will connect with the service provider to complete any additional paperwork.  

Deadlines for SLF Spending

There are two important dates that families must be aware with regards to Student Learning Fund spending:

All SLF spending must be allocated and approved by the last school day in April.

All outstanding invoices must be received by Homelinks clerical by the last school day in May. 

Still Needing More Details?

Please contact us with any questions to navigating or understanding the SLF process.