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Homelinks Program

What exactly is Homelinks?

Homelinks is a Online Learning (OL) program of choice for students in K-12. Together with their parent/guardian and a BC-certified teacher, students co-create an individualized Student Learning Plan (SLP). The Student Learning Plan is consider a 'living document' that helps to guide and anchor the student’s learning according to the BC Ministry of Education Curriculum. Students do the majority of their work at home, but enjoy the support of qualified teachers to help them plan their journey along and throughout their time in Homelinks.

What is Online Learning? (formerly known as Distributed Learning)

Online Learning (OL) is a classroom alternative that provides students with a flexible option to learn from home while meeting the provincial education standards. Through this approach to learning, students can connect with their teacher from home and work towards meeting the goals of their education program as outlined in their Student Learning Plan (SLP).

OL is led by a BC certified teacher. In OL, teachers use a variety of tools to connect with their students. This includes in-person activities, online voice and video calls, email, instant messages, phone calls and others.

Every online learning school provides a teacher who works with each student to:

  • Plan and deliver a course of study.
  • Organize appropriate course materials and resources.
  • Assess student progress and complete a report card.

What is the difference between Online Learning and Homeschooling?

British Columbia provides flexible learning options for students so that they have optimal opportunities for success. In BC, students can enroll in In-Person Learning, Online Learning and/or Homeschooling. 

  • In-Person Learning in a classroom setting provides students with face-to-face teacher-led learning, peer engagement, and supports social and emotional development.
  • Online Learning (OL) is a classroom alternative that provides students with a flexible option to learn from home while meeting the provincial education standards. OL is led by a BC Certified Teacher or Letter of Permission holders.
  • Homeschooling is a classroom alternative offered outside of the BC education system.  Typically, a home educator (e.g. parent and/or guardian) delivers the entire educational program to children at home. Homeschoolers are not eligible to receive a BC Certificate of Graduation.

Here's a brief comparison overview:

Source  In-Person Learning Online Learning Homeschooling

Learning must follow BC curriculum







Learning must be supervised by a BC certified teacher







Learner progress must be evaluated, and report cards prepared by a BC certified teacher
Yes Yes No

Learner must participate in Provincial Graduation Assessments and Foundation Skills Assessment
Yes Yes No (assessments are optional)
Religious studies may be taught


No (public schools)

(Yes at independent schools)


No (public schools)

(Yes at independent schools)

Status in School Enrolled student Enrolled student

Registered homeschooler

Note: If eligible, student can keep registered homeschooler status while enrolled in Grades 10 to 12 online learning courses.


Who can enroll in Homelinks?

Depending on the campus students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 can enroll in the program.

Kaslo campus: Grades K-9

Nelson campus: Grades K-9

Creston campus: Grades K-12

Can I cross-enroll from another school?

The Ministry of Education is very clear about cross-enrollment allowances:

Students in Grades K to 7 may only enroll in a single school or board.

Students in Grades 8 and 9 within a district may cross-enroll; determined on a case-by-case basis.

Students in Grades 10 to 12 may enroll in more than one school  or board at the same time. NOTE: students may not be enrolled in the same course at the same time in two different schools or boards.

What if I don’t live in one of the Homelinks communities that are offering the program?

Homelinks is an Online Learning program and is open to all BC residents. Contact us in order to determine if the program is right for your learner and their family.

Are there any costs or tuition/student fees associated with enrolling in Homelinks?


What is a Student Learning Fund?

A Student Learning Fund (SLF) is made available to each Homelinks student/family to support student learning. Families may access their SLF funding to purchase supplies and other resources that meet the goals of the Student Learning Plan (SLP).

What is a Student Learning Plan?

Each OL student will create a Student Learning Plan (SLP) with the help of their Homelinks teacher and parent/guardian for the upcoming school year. The personalized, collaboratively planned document connects to the BC Education Plan and Curriculum. SLP also outlines all the related materials, resources, and activities that will support student learning. The SLP is considered a ‘working’ document that can change and evolve as the academic year progresses.

How are parents involved at Homelinks?

Parents work with the BC certified teacher to create the Student Learning Plan and deliver components of the program in the home environment. In our Elementary K-9 programs, parents are a critical component to the student learning programming. Ongoing commitment from parents is absolutely vital for continual student success in Homelinks. In our Secondary 10-12 program (Creston only), parents are supportive in a less hands-on approach and support their learner with advocacy and resource support.

How do I register my learner(s)?

To register your child for Homelinks, a parent/guardian must:

  1. Download and complete both the Registration Form and the Student Transfer Request Form found on our registration page
  2. Make an appointment by contacting Homelinks Clerical to finalize any remaining details.