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Nelson Homelinks

Student Learning Plan

Student Learning Plans (SLP) are personal documents, reflecting collaboration of the teacher, parent and student, considering the individual goals of the family and academic needs of the student. The teacher leads the SLP process, with input from the parent and student, and creates the final document. The SLP is completed for all students in Grades K to 9 and must be signed by both the teacher and the parent. In order to be considered 'active', students must submit a substantive activity within 3 weeks of the dated SLP. Teachers provide substantive activity forms for each student. We encourage parents to download and review a copy of the K to 9 Student Learning Plan prior to the SLP formal meeting.

Homelinks Reporting Periods

Currently, Homelinks has two formal and three informal reports on learning.

First Formal Reporting Period: September to January.

Second Formal Reporting Period: February to June.

The three informal reports from teachers can include email, face to face, and/or written communication of student learning progress at any points throughout the year. Homelinks is unique in that parents and the teacher are continually in contact with each other throughout the school year. As a result, learn progress is well-documented and understood by parents.

For more details about the report learning procedure please contact us.