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Understanding the Learning Roadmap

Understanding (and Utilizing) the BC Curriculum

Since Homelinks parents are the primary teacher for their children it is imperative that they understand the BC curriculum in order to select the most appropriate resources and ways to support them in their learning journeys.

We recommend that parents review this short video about the BC Curriculum to develop a basic understanding of the BC learning curriculum. An important part of a Homelinks teacher's responsibility is to help parents navigate, understand, and build a flexible, personalized, relevant, and challenging Student Learning Plan for their child.

The BC Curriculum is often daunting to navigate and understand, so we ask all of our parents to lean on our Homelinks liaison teacher for support whenever possible.

Curriculum Checklists

Curriculum Checklists will be used by the teacher to connect monthly learning summaries to the prescribed learning outcomes each term in the form of a Learning Progress Report. This also helps parents to keep track of learning for their child. We recommend parents download and use these documents as needed.

Grade Level Key Curriculum Content

We have attempted to encapsulate the essential curricula for each grade level in each subject in a one-page summary. Download the appropriate grade level documents.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports are another tracking tool that your liaison teacher may use to support the reports on learning. We encourage our parents to download and use these very helpful tools to organize for and ensure learning at specific grade level.