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Reporting of Student Learning

Communication of Learning

An essential components of learning are the assessment and communication of learning. We have several ways to share with parents/guardians student learning and progress over the year.

Term Meetings

Parents will meet with the teacher in December, March, and June to provide a portfolio of learning samples. The teacher will use these in conjunction with monthly learning summaries to complete progress reports at the end of each term.

Term 1 Meetings – Beginning of December
Term 2 Meetings – Beginning of March
Term 3 Meetings – Beginning of June

Portfolio Submissions

Portfolio submission is a record of collected works or artifacts of learning. Portfolio submissions need to include at least three samples of numeracy skills, three samples of writing, and a list of books read (by the parent and/or individually). Families also always encouraged to include projects, photos/videos, pieces of artwork, certificates from lessons, etc. in the portfolio.

Learning Summaries

Learning summaries are to be emailed to the teacher by the 5th of each month, covering the month prior. Summaries can be written in either a conversational style or point-form format.

Some ideas to help guide the reporting of learning

  • What regular curricular and co-curricular activities is your child engaging in?
  • Did your learner try anything new this month?
  • What challenged them this month?
  • What inspired them this month?
  • Was there something they really enjoyed (or disliked)?
  • Is there anything they’re expressing interest in trying in the future?

Please connect with your teacher if you have any questions about learning summaries.