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Substantive Assignments

Substantive Assignments

A Substantive (or Activation) assignment is an essential piece to any home learning (online learning) program. Substantive assignments require completion by each student in September prior to officially enrolling in an online learning program (including Homelinks). Typically, these assignments make up about 5% of the total learning content of any given subject in a school year. Substantive assignments usually include a component from each social studies, sciences, English Language Arts, and Mathematics.

Completing Substantive Assignments

Please have your learner choose one (or more) worksheet from each of the lists below. You may help the child understand what is being asked of them, but they need to complete the worksheets independently to show their developing literacy/numeracy skills. Please submit to your teacher by September 20. All learners must have an activation assignment on file prior to accessing their Student Learning Funds.

Literacy Substantive Assignments

Numeracy Substantive Assignments